A good Shabbat Nachamu to all!

A Good Shabbat Nachamu to everyone! May you be comforted from all your hurts and challenges!

I saw something the other day that I just had to share. I’m signed up to Torah Anytime’s email list, and they sent out their ‘Tisha b’Av stats’

tisha b'av stats

I did the math, and that’s and 162% increase! Kol Ha’Kavod to everyone who learned. You are helping bring Moshiach sooner.

2 thoughts on “A good Shabbat Nachamu to all!”

  1. At work today, one of the people wished me a ‘Good Tu B’Av’. I have to say, it really brightened my day. A good Tu B’Av and a wonderful Shabbat Nachamu to all!

  2. P.S. Torah Anytime is amazing! The dedicated employees and volunteers are superb, the lecturers who give them classes for free are wonderful, and all those who donate to keep the project going are stellar. You should really sign up, even if it’s just for the Dvar Torah newspaper!

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