A Much-Needed Brownie

It was just a regular school day, and I had no reason to think that my usual routine would be any different. I started counting on my fingers: after Navi was lunch, then Biology, Business, Writer’s Craft, and English.

I was sitting in a classroom minding my own business, when I saw my sister wheeling through the hallway with a smile on her face. She saw me through the window, and her face lit up. In a moment she was in the door. “Hey, sis,” she said. “I brought you a brownie!”
I felt a smile start to form on my face that could rival hers. It was so unexpected, and yet it was just what I needed. I was so impressed by her utter thoughtfulness.

I couldn’t eat it right away, so when anyone asked me about the box I was carrying, I replied, “My sister gave it to me!” and beamed when people responded, “That was so sweet of her!”

So thank you, sis!


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  1. I like this story, Ziva! It’s not the typical ‘stranger’ story we often see here, but that teaches us something about appreciation.

    Just because affection from siblings is more expected to us, more normal, doesn’t lessen the impact it has to brighten a person’s day. It’s a wonderful reminder that family is something we can’t take for granted!

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