Welcome aboard!

A warm welcome to our newest members! Make yourselves at home! We’re just finishing up the building work here, so expect a few dust puffs and unfinished spots, but everything is running smoothly for the most part. Feel free to comment- now that you can comment- or e-mail in if you see something that still needs work. And please, please- send in stories!

A smile a day- Part 2

This next post finds me in better spirits. I was going out for lunch one day, (out for lunch, not out to lunch!), and rather cheery. The occasional treat- even if it’s only a tuna wrap and soda- will do that to a person.

And on the way I spotted someone who looked a little less cheerful than me. A women standing outside wearing one of those walking poster signs. In the cold- with a warm coat and and hat- but still standing out in the cold during lunchtime. And I thought how if that was me, I, along with anyone with basic intellectual capability, would go nuts standing out there. To have a job like that, you’ve either got to be really desperate, have a really positive attitude, or both!

So shy little me summoned up enough courage to yell out a ‘hello’ as I walked by. And the way her face lit up was priceless! It made what was an ok day get about a million times better.

Stay tuned for part three!

Asking about others

I ran into an acquaintance the other day, a really sweet women who’s been going through a bunch of major challenges (details, as always, obscured for privacy). But when she spoke to me, all she wanted to know was how I was, having gone though something much more minor. She was so concerned that I nearly forgot to ask about her!

While what I had gone though was more or less over, she was still in pain. While for the most part, my life was normal (as much as it can ever be), her’s was still not. But all she saw was the common denominator- that we were both trying to have ordinary lives while they were anything but.

It’s ok to get sympathy, and definitely ok to tell the truth when someone asks how you are (assuming, of course, that they honestly want to know, and not just to be polite), but sometimes it’s nice to remember the other side of the story.

Even if what you’ve gone through is so much more major than what someone else is faced with- remember my friend E. And take a moment to go beyond your self.

Mama Rachel

Today is the yartzite of Rachel Imeanu. I could say more, but it might be better just to find or watch one of the movies made in honor of the occasion. Anything by Chabad, the Chofetz Chaim foundation, the Rachel Imeanu foundation, or the like will be fine.

It’s ok to cry while you watch it. Rachel is crying too. She watches the pain we are going through and she burns to tell us that it all can be avoided. If we would just return to her and to each other, we will stay together. If we choose to define ourselves by what connects us, and not what devides us, we will return to being her children. Hashem’s holy nation.

May it be soon.

A smile a day- Part 1

One day, I was totally down in the dumps. Walking from a friends house where things… just didn’t go as planned. And I was sulking a little when I realized that what I could really use right now was a smile. And also that I had made a commitment to try to say Good Shabbat to every Jewish person I was brave enough to speak up to. I decided that I’d had enough moping, and wished the elderly person walking beside me a loud ‘Shabbat Shalom!’

I wish you could have seen the way his face lit up. It really did seem as though I’d made his day.

Right then and there I learned ‘You’re never nothing if you have the ability to make another person smile.’

Part 2 coming soon!

Hello, World

It’s the little things that matter a great deal

The person who left a sweet note when I was mad at the world

The friend who, when I was feeling my worst, sat and talked with my for 15 minutes without a single ‘I told you so.’

Hi! I’m Lucky, and this is my site. I’m starting a blog of short, sweet stories- the nice things people do for one another, that slip between the cracks of our busy lives. I want to add a drop of goodness to the world.

Please e-mail me to submit a story, or sign up to comment. I’ll be putting up more information in pages in the next few days.

Thank you for your help, and Welcome aboard!

One more thing- a huge thank you is owed to the person who helped me set this website up. All the technical details that don’t normally get noticed- please give a thank-you!