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It is said that the final galus parallels the galus of mitzrayim to the extent that ‘Just as we were redeemed in Nissan, so to shall we now be redeemed in Nissan.’

Tomorrow, is the first day of Rosh Chodesh Iyar. It is also the last day of Nissan.

PLEASE, DEAR YIDDEN AND FRIENDS! We have one more day. Tomorrow, take upon yourselves one more thing in the area of interpersonal relationships. Go above and beyond to do one nice thing for another Jew. Go above and beyond to judge every Jew favorably.

I write this knowing that by doing so, it will lead me to be tested more stringently in this area. But I am willing and ready and eager to give this mission my all.

Please, please forward this message to everyone you know. We can put an end to tragedy tomorrow– forever!


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No news is good news. That’s not always true. Snow days are good news. Babies born are good news. The arrival of Moshiach, speedily in our days, will probably be the most hotly posted good news on the internet.

But there is a element of truth to the saying. When I got greeted this morning with ‘Have you checked the news yet?’ as I have heard so often in the past year, I only felt dread and fear.

I still only know the bare details- but enough to feel sad and sickened.

After the tragic kidnappings, we all thought- this will be our last tragedy. We keep being proven wrong. Why?

The achdus levels we have now are amazing. We are so close, so near to our ultimate goal. How many more tragedies do we need to shock us awake? Even if Moshiach came (may it be so) right today, things would never be exactly as they were. We could not erase the shock, the loss of life, the grief of their families and of everyone. But we can ensure, with every drop of goodness and kindness that we posses, that it never happen again.

We are so close. Please, my friends, let us eradicate every last drop of sinat chinam in our hearts. We have gone so far from Sinat chinam- hating one another. All we need is Ahavat Chinam- to love one another.

Remember the story of Kamsa and Bar Kamsa? If we could create a world where we could ensure that that would never happen again- Moshiach would belong in that world. We just need to love one another- to be polite, respectful, to temper the criticism, teasing, and arguing with a handful (or a heart-full) of understanding, friendship and patience.

Please, my friends.

Welcome aboard!

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Hello, World

It’s the little things that matter a great deal

The person who left a sweet note when I was mad at the world

The friend who, when I was feeling my worst, sat and talked with my for 15 minutes without a single ‘I told you so.’

Hi! I’m Lucky, and this is my site. I’m starting a blog of short, sweet stories- the nice things people do for one another, that slip between the cracks of our busy lives. I want to add a drop of goodness to the world.

Please e-mail me to submit a story, or sign up to comment. I’ll be putting up more information in pages in the next few days.

Thank you for your help, and Welcome aboard!

One more thing- a huge thank you is owed to the person who helped me set this website up. All the technical details that don’t normally get noticed- please give a thank-you!