I miss it already

Pesach has only been over for a little while here in the disporia, but I miss it already.

If you knew me well, you wouldn’t believe it. Since I’m unable to eat the Pesach staple, potatoes, in the quantities they are presented to us during the Holiday, I found myself scrambling for alternatives at most meals. Between the late nights and deciding that I could survive a week without Pesach-dik sleeping medication, it was a tired and headache-y week.

I couldn’t write (not even for my homework.) Nor could I sew. Most of my friends were out of town. Sounds like a real treat, right?

So why am I crying? (Believe me, it’s not just a mound of dishes and the start of school on my mind.)

G-d gave us Pesach as a special gift. And I want it back! Incomprehensibly. In spite of everything. Though I look forward to a Mincha at school and I know good things aren’t meant to last. I still irrationally wish for just one more day. (After all, I spent most of the last ones in bed.)

Yours, incoherently tired and looking forward to Shavout,


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