Helping hand

We had a major snowstorm in our area this week and some streets still haven’t been plowed properly, leaving piles of snow by the sides of the road. Today I saw an elderly women having difficulty getting herself and her cart over the slush. Two people, one of them a student at the local Jewish high school, helped her walk and move her bags over the pile of snow between the curb and the sidewalk to saftey.

I must say, in these times where one thing everyone has in common is hate, it’s nice to see another universal message. When someone reaches out their hand for help, how can you not respond?

Twins who share more than a face

Earlier this week at school the entire student body (everyone who was there that day, that is) sat in the auditorium for a shiur. The speaker handed a bunch of papers to one of the brave girls sitting in the front row, indicating that she should pass them out. As she turned to do so, not asking for help in any way, her twin sister jumped up as if she, too had been asked, and they efficiently shared the job.

While I was watching this, I saw one girl who was sitting in an awkward position and couldn’t get up. She was trying to reach the handout someone passed her, but to no avail. What did her sister (come to think of it, they are also twins, as well as good friends of mine) do? Despite being farther away, her sister saw her predicament, immediately stood up, and passed the paper the extra three inches.

We have so much to learn from these girls. Not that they helped– not even that they didn’t ask for help. Helping without asking can cause more trouble then it solves sometimes. 🙂

They each knew the other’s needs so well that asking was unnecessary. If only we could all reach such a level.