Memories of London

Reading someone’s article brought back fond memories of my family’s’ trips to London, England. Specifically, what I’m thinking about now are the times we were in a Tube (Subway, properly known as the London Underground) station with a long curving staircase down from one platform to another when we needed to change trains. Often, when my father would pick up one end of the stroller to carry it down, some random stranger would rush to help him so that he didn’t have to do it alone, or enlist one of his older children (we were pretty strong, having done it before, but being short back then it really was a help.) Said person would help, against my father’s protests, the entire way down and sometimes, offer to help us the rest of the way. It’s happened more than once, and it makes me smile.


Thank you to the friend, who spent the morning wondering if she paid on her cellphone for incoming calls, or just outgoing. (I though yes, she though no.) She still doesn’t know.

Even so, when a friend called from her seminary in Israel while we were on the bus home, she happily gave in to my nagging and gave it to me so that I, cellphone-less, could also have a quick turn to talk. It was really above and beyond and I was very glad for the opportunity.

A lesson in judgement

I found this from something I wrote two years ago and decided that it’s never too late to pass it on.

My brother has been recently doing an experiment on me- he says the word exam, and sees how much I yell at him.

This morning, he innocently asked “Are your exams today?”

I launched at him, and began a tirade, only to hear him say, “I know you can’t be late, so I just wanted to make sure I was ready.”

Min Hametzar

I keep a running collection of quotes, and today was ‘Quote Day,’ where I sent one or two to each close friend. At one, I was at a loss. She’d seen my entire collection recently, including some of my best ones and the ones most suited to her. I picked a couple new ones I hoped would work and sent them off.

How was I supposed to know that the first one featured a favorite of hers? And thanks to being delayed a few hours in sending, I received the reply right when I most needed cheering up.

Spreading the sunshine

Today was the second day of my camp job. At dismissal, I was ‘asked’ to do a job that wasn’t technically mine– but someone had to do it, and it was impossible to explain that that someone wasn’t me.

When I got back, another parent (one whom I nearly gave the wrong child this time yesterday!) complimented me on and on about my positive attitude even at the end of the day. It was so kind, and made a huge difference to me.


Ps. The next time I saw the first parent, they were much more polite. What the other mother said had a big impact on both of us, it seems.

Anonymous Thank You

Someone did something very kind for me today. I can’t tell you who it was, or what they did, or why. I was practically sworn into secrecy. But I still appreciate it and I still want to share this kindness with the world.


Mim tells me that she’s getting scared for Tisha B’av. Every act like this helps us both feel a little better. (More on that soon.)