Community strength

Anyone in my neighborhood will know who this (incredibly belated) post is talking about. The Rabbi and Rebbetzin of one local shul recently married off their oldest daughter, a friend of mine. The way the community has gathered to celebrate is truly inspiring. Many people went to the states for the wedding, and even more came to celebrations back here. What really touched me though, was seeing how many people have sponsored various kiddushim in their honor.

It’s clear to see how much the Rav and Rebbetzin have used their strengths to build up the community. I give the Chattan and Kallah the bracha to be able to also use their strengths to light up the place they now live in. Not like their parents do, but in their own unique way, and yet with the same strength. Mazal tov!

This article should help send a speedy and complete healing to Moshe Rephael b-n Orah and Chana b-t Rachel Leah

Simchas for all

Imagine going to an engagement party/vort. YAY!, right?

Now imagine going to a vort after a whole day of being on your feet setting up for and hostessing another party. Imagine that you’re hungry, tired, and not fond of crowds. Oh, yeah, and you don’t know anyone there. And to top it off, you are severely under-dressed.

I was SO happy for the kallah, but a small part of me was cringing for myself inside. I was sort of glad at times like that that I don’t know anyone, because it would have been almost worse if I did.

Thank you to all the people who smiled at me. I can’t say it more, or better. Thank you.

Just be there

A friend’s older sister was getting married tonight, and in spite of everything else going on in my life at the moment, I made a point of being there, if only for a few minutes.

Why?                                                                                           Because she asked me to.

I knew that many other girls were coming, (turns out that that was an understatement, half my school was there,) but if she cared enough to repeatedly ask me to come… I cared more than enough to listen to her.