I can’t thank you enough

One of our school’s play heads (read: insanely busy person juggling production, seminary applications and a full day of class), must have thanked me at least four times for missing a class I don’t need to attend to sew (read: one of my favorite activities) a costume draft for one of the costumes girls (read: a good friend whom I’d do just about anything for.)

Four times! She deserves a reward better than play head!

(Great) Hair Day

I walked into school today for the first time with a major haircut I got over the break. Truth be told, I was a bit nervous, but I couldn’t exactly stick it all back on, right?

It would have been normal for everyone to comment. But not only did almost everyone I know everyone point it out– they all had something nice to say! Which tells you a lot about my former ‘style’ :)…

…but also a lot about how nice my ‘school-mates’ are. (And the teachers.)

Words that ‘stick’ to the heart

Someone’s having a hard day and you can’t think of anything encouraging to tell them?
Write a nice note and stick it on their desks. Tell them what a wonderful person they are. Don’t even mention the problems. Giving your name is optional. Just tell them how great they are and how much you appreciate what they do.
It’s saved my day so many times– you will feel great, and they will feel even better.

A dash of cute

This is less about kind moral choices- no, actually its not. On some level, even extremely young children understand being nice. They might not have access to the normal gifts we think of, but…

Two little cuties I saw today. One’s two, and was in the process of melting down after not being allowed to touch the burning Chanukah candles. The other was five, holding a Chanukah gift in her hand, grasping it possessively. The two year old, calming down for a moment, noticed the shiny package and tugged hard.

Instead of screaming, pulling back or hitting, which are all normal (if not acceptable) toddler reactions, she did something very surprising. She let go. And by the smile on her face and the way she ruffled her brother’s hair, it wasn’t an accident either.

It’s strange that we’re the ones who’ve been through 12+ years of school, yet we often learn our best lessons from the ones who have only just begun to learn. I wonder why?

Thank you- no, thank YOU

I e-mailed someone- an artist who put his work up for public use- to let them know that I had used their creation, and really enjoyed it. I tried to be as positive and cheerful as I could without writing something sounding like hero warship. Convinced I had something that was polite but still enthusiastic, I sent it off.

A day or two later, I got my reply. Polite and gracious, of course, but also very very cheerful. It really did sound as though my few kind words had made this person’s day.

And hearing that another person so appreciated what I had to say (even though most of it was one long compliment, so I should hope it was appreciated!) had me float on air the entire day.

It drove home again the lesson about giving to others. A bit of a sobering thought, but it’s true: Ultimately, at the end of our lives, the only things that we still can call our own are what we’ve given to the world.

Possessions- handed down or thrown away. One’s house, car, money- the best one can hope is that it’s given to family, or to a good cause.

Talent- what good is latent talent if it’s never used? Everything that you’ve been able to do and haven’t- what value does it now have?

Achievements- did you spend your life chasing good deeds? Or recognition?

But the kindness that a person does is passed forward forever. A ripple effect that never fades.

It changed my day

Guest post from Mimi.


I’ve been going through a rough patch lately, and most days I come home from school exhausted, miserable and grouchy.

But not tonight. Why?

On the way out of school, someone wished me a goodnight. Not a close friend, and not just an quick, toss it over your shoulder goodbye. A girl who would be a perfect stranger if she weren’t my classmate.


I’m really glad that she is.

A smile a day- Part 2

This next post finds me in better spirits. I was going out for lunch one day, (out for lunch, not out to lunch!), and rather cheery. The occasional treat- even if it’s only a tuna wrap and soda- will do that to a person.

And on the way I spotted someone who looked a little less cheerful than me. A women standing outside wearing one of those walking poster signs. In the cold- with a warm coat and and hat- but still standing out in the cold during lunchtime. And I thought how if that was me, I, along with anyone with basic intellectual capability, would go nuts standing out there. To have a job like that, you’ve either got to be really desperate, have a really positive attitude, or both!

So shy little me summoned up enough courage to yell out a ‘hello’ as I walked by. And the way her face lit up was priceless! It made what was an ok day get about a million times better.

Stay tuned for part three!