Assorted thank yous

Thank you very much to the kind librarian! When she found me totally perplexed as to how I’d gotten a fine and why, she waived it for me, with only a gentle warning not to do it again. Its nice to see people who are willing to admit that mistakes, whether on my part or the library computer’s, can happen.

Also thank you to the girl who, upon hearing I needed a plastic bag for something, promptly directed me to go to her locker, tip out the plastic bag she had in there, and take it. It was a huge help, and her willingness to offer well beyond what’s expected was very inspiring.

Happy un-birthday

Today I had the privileged of witnessing, right out of the blue, one friend surprise another with a gift—an antique book.

Not only was it by one of her favourite authors, she loved every bit of it, from the binding to the plastic bag it had been sealed in. She was so happy she was nearly floating, and to the best of my knowledge, as of writing this, her feet still haven’t touched the floor!

Spot the connection

Mim’s post brought up an interesting thought. What does Sfira– counting up towards accepting the Torah– have to do with being kind to one-another. Is it just a coincidence that the death of Rabbi Akiva’s students died during the count-up to Matan Torah?

The post was due weeks ago so I’m condensing it now.

Rabbi Hillel said that the foundation of the Torah is ‘V’ahavtah Leracha Kmocha’– Loving your fellow like yourself. Without it, Torah cannot be sustained.

Whatever the sin of Rabbi Akiva’s students did (and there are many many interesting opinions,) they are said to not have been on the highest level of love for each other.

We don’t just wait to receive the Torah, we are actively preparing ourselves for it. Preparing ourselves to be the foundations of Torah.

Without Torah, there is no life. And without respect, love, and consideration for each other, there can be no Torah.


See you all at Har Sinai!

A public thank you 1

A thank you to the girl who not only complemented my headband, but actually started a discussion about knitting and how it looked store-bought. I had been a little nervous about the colors and shape, so it was nice to hear.

I’m ashamed to admit that I was a little impatient– I had to run to class. But I very much appreciated the comment and I’m glad to publicly let her know.

Apple of my eye

My cute adorable mature little brother noticed that I seemed awfully busy and tired last night.

He cut me an apple for my lunch because he didn’t think I would have time to do it myself.

We train ‘em young!

Also a thank you to the girl who struck up a conversation with me and ended up providing some useful school advice.

And a huge thank you to the girl who asked why I looked so sad. Truth is, the thought of a test tomorrow, followed by a weekend of Pesach cleaning, was making me feel a bit worn out. Her thoughtful attention went a long way towards perking me back up.

A thank you to everyone who made my day better!